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Home is a state of mind

A day with uelo

The pace of modern life is stressful and hard to keep up with. Deregulation of our biological clock leads to decreased productivity, increased stress and mood fluctuations. As our understanding of human physiology advances, so should our demand for biologically-optimised homes.


Feeling comfortable is one of the main constituents of a healthy living environment. As living standards progress, maintaining comfortable conditions in indoor environments requires ever increasing energy expenditures. This does not have to be the case though.


Uelo brings the results of many years of scientific research into a single revolutionary home device that offers truly human centric control in a sustainable manner.


Uelo is a next-generation device that automatically and efficiently transforms energy into personalised, comfortable indoor environments for humans. It optimally shapes the energy consumption profile to deliver comfort when the home is occupied while saving in times of idleness.

What makes uelo special

Uelo senses and analyses home ambient conditions to keep you in comfort

Air Quality

Monitors air quality to protect you and your loved ones from health and hygiene hazards.

Thermal Ambience

Senses temperature and humidity to improve thermal comfort during day and night.

Visual Ambience

Analyzes indoor and natural light patterns to preserve healthy eyesight and enhance physical & emotional comfort.


Eliminates energy wastes to provide comfortable living environments at minimum energy costs.

Uelo discovers your personal needs

Uelo understands and satisfies your needs from the time you get home until the time you leave again. Its cutting edge intelligence leverages sensory contextual information and personal preferences to create a healthy, sustainable and comfortable living space.


Everyday your home adapts to your evolving personal needs and preferences in the most environmentally friendly and energy frugal way.

Human centric control

Uelo automatically controls your lights and A/C to create the perfect home environment for any activity or occasion.


It caters to optimal ambient conditions at minimum energy cost to keep you in a positive mood throughout the day.

More about uelo

The story behind uelo

Our home is more than a place of rest, it is the epicentre of our life. It is the place we return to each and every day to recharge ourselves. The quality of our home space defines our overall well-being.


From the early beginning our mission has been to reinvent the way we interact with our homes, or to put it more precisely the way our homes interact with us. We have dedicated ourselves to design human centric products that redefine the way people experience their home.


It’s not about offering another smart home solution. Our homes should become active environments that continuously adapt to our needs and preferences.

 They should cater to our physical and mental comfort needs by proactively creating optimal visual and thermal conditions from the time we wake up, and even during our sleep time. This is how we envision the future home.


We are a diverse and dynamic team of engineers and designers based in London, UK. We are passionate about what we do. And our passion is the energy that propels us to seek new ways that make life easier and simpler. That make the place we live in, more human-centric. Uelo encompasses our passion and many years of research & development into a small but powerful home device.

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